Lueken’s Village Foods is not just a grocery store in the community, we are a community store that sells delicious ways to feed your family. We have our wide selection because this is what our customers have asked for. To us, the customer is always worth more than the dollar. Find your items fast and hassle free; just click on one of these buttons to see what is in each aisle.

Here at Lueken’s Village Foods we want you to have the very best fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our produce department makes that possible with its huge variety and selection. We buy from the community and support local farmers, when available. We also carry a large selection of organic fruits and vegetables. We are committed to staying with top brands and premium products as much as possible, so that you, the customer, will experience a consistent quality product at all times.

Largest selection of organic foods for health conscious consumers.  We carry brand names that provide the lowest prices.  Lueken’s also provides a wellness kiosk for consumers to research general health information and serve as a guide for specific dietary needs.

Meat can make or break a meal. Here at Lueken’s Village Foods, we know you want the best cut of meat that you can find, whether yours is in the backyard, camping, or just in the kitchen. We have a wide variety of, not only beef, but pork, lamb, chicken, and fish. We cut our own steaks and roasts in a variety of sizes. If you can’t find what you are looking for, our friendly associates will custom cut just about anything you would like. So, when your meal calls for that special touch, come to Lueken’s for that perfect cut of meat.

In Minnesota we know frozen, and here at Lueken’s we know quality frozen. In our frozen and dairy departments we pride ourselves in making sure that you get the freshest date available by constantly rotating our items. We keep our shelves full of a variety of items from local and national vendors.  If you cannot find the item you are looking for, we will try our best to get it in for you.

At Lueken’s Village Foods, our deli works tirelessly to deliver all the tastes of home, with the speed and convenience that you are used to. Our quality and selection won’t leave you wondering what you will have for dinner tonight.  Do you have a short lunch?  We have a fast and easy way to enjoy delicious hot meals you won’t find anywhere else. The majority of our original recipes are made in-store. From our fresh soups to our daily prepared salad bar, our deli can help you with any quick meal request.

Remember the good old days when everything was made from scratch?  In the bakery department of Lueken’s Village Foods that is still common practice. We bake on site to bring you the freshest, most delicious products straight from our oven to your table!

The bakery department has over 101 years of combined baking experience at their disposal to make sure your family gets the quality, freshness and flavor you deserve!

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Lueken’s Cake Decorating offers a wide variety of styles and cake flavors to meet any of your special occasion, wedding cake, or holiday party needs.  We use only the freshest ingredients for moist, delicious cakes and then ice them with our famous made from scratch buttercream icing!

With over 50 years of combined cake decorating experience, our cake artists work together to create the highest quality cakes in northern Minnesota.

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