Service Counter

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  • Single: 10¢

  • Double: 15¢

  • Color: 49¢

  • Lamination: $1

If a customer wants to buy helium for a balloon they have purchased elsewhere, helium is priced as follows.


· Latex- $1.29

· Mylar- $1.39

· Oversized Mylar- Will be judged by how many 18” Mylar’s can fit into the balloon.



The price for balloon REFILLS are the same as above.

The price for purchasing a latex balloon with helium- $1.49

When purchasing a Mylar balloon the helium price is included in the price as marked on the balloon (in store purchase).

$20 deposit that will be returned if unit is cleaned properly and returned on time. Soap is available at various prices and sizes.

  • Normal or Wide: $29.99 for 24 hours. 48 hours for $10 more

  • Utility Tool: $4.99


  • 3:00 pm pickup Monday through Friday.


  • Cash or check only.

Call for reservation. Requires $25 deposit will be return after inspection.

  • Money gram.

  • $300 limit per check.

  • 85¢ per check.

  • Wire transfers are not available.




If you have questions about any tickets or events, feel free to call the service counter during normal business hours.

Cash or Check only.




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