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Kids Crew

Hey Kids – Don’t miss the Lueken’s Kids Crew!

  • Fuji the Monkey teaches us to eat fruit, to be creative and resourceful to reduce food waste.
  • Pepper the Rabbit teaches us to eat lots of veggies to be alert and focused.
  • Oatis the Horse teaches us to choose whole grains for energy to fuel our bodies.
  • Chia the Cheetah teaches us to eat protein foods and be physically active every day.
  • Colby the Polar Bear teaches us about dairy foods and building strong bones and muscles.
  • Olive the Owl teaches us how nutritious foods help us to learn and be intelligent.
Meet The Crew!

Meal Solution Recipes

Welcome to our recipe catalog! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have never been easier. You can look up recipes by ingredients that you have in your panty, by which meal you are planning, season or occasion, or even by dietary considerations. Take a look and start planning your menu today.

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Sanford Health

Your food choices play a very important role in your overall health and wellbeing, but did you know that your choices could help prevent coronary artery disease and heart attacks? Sanford Health can help you understand what to eat to help keep you and your family healthy.

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